Amanda Seyfried - Lovelace


i fucking love this and they did not even start fucking!
He’s a good counter for roomers who only get 3 seconds to get to a place where they arent just in the open
Please make me cum, tease me yes yes, it's beautiful, thank you now stop, please stop please
If all women were bolder in asking to get fucked, this could happen to them too.  Instead i hear women complaining about not getting laid enough and ever having any black cock.  Try asking for it.  If you look good enough to fuck, it will happen!
THIS is a fantasy of mine. There is something about my personality that lets straight guys be comfortable with me. I want to find a bi-couple just like this and with a few tweaks to the scene, I would see it play out like this. The one change for my fantasy, the other guy there, who is fucking the chick, when he is ready to shoot, he pulls out of her hole (either one) and gives me his load in my mouth. Then the chick and I snowball the guy's cum back n forth; then I cum. Thx 4 posting hot vid!
I'm bigger in cock size, can fuck longer, go again right after I cum, get more casual sex and bet you spend more money on females than I do. Not only is that true stories of the highway patrol but I was at one time better at basketball than Lebron James. White Power Ranger!
What if her squirting was her water that would suck
I found my way back but I got a little lost in it. It was very intimate; it was very dark. But I am proud of certain parts of it from an acting point of view. People start processing it.

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