Musical Audition Requirements


Musical Audition Requirements

“Crazy for You®”



Auditions will take place in the Choir Room

Friday – Auditions will be held in a block format. Students will be divided into 2 groups Vocal/Monologue and Dance. Each student will have roughly 90 minutes with each group of directors. For example – if group one is in the Vocal/monologue room, the other group is in the dance room working with the Choreographer. The groups will then switch after 90 minutes. Saturday both dance groups will come together and complete their audition. Upon completion of the dance audition, we will announce Call-backs for students we need to see again.

How to sign up and what to prepare

You will sign up on and secure your name in the audition pool. The link is listed on the Spring Musical Page or by clicking HERE

Vocal Audition Requirements:

Please prepare an excerpt from one of the songs listed below. Please make BOLD character/acting choices to show us your potential. Please pick a piece of music that showcases your strengths with vocals and acting. The music begins at different times in the accompaniment tracks. Please view the time below to know where to start in the track.

MALE SONGS                                                              FEMALE SONGS

0:41     I Can't Be Bothered                                         1:40     Someone To Watch Audition

0:38     What Causes That? Audition                           0:41     Naughty Baby Audition

Beg.     Take That away Audition(track 18.2)               0:15     Nice Work Audition

0:08     Slap That Bass Audition                                  0: 44    Embraceable You Audition

                                                                                    Beg.     I Got Rhythm slow cut audition

Beg.     Stiff Upper Lip Audition                                   Beg.     Stiff Upper Lip Audition

                                                                                    0:38.   I Got Rhythm uptempo cut Audition

You can access accompaniment tracks through and entering the rehearsal code FBRCX.

Monologue Requirements:

            Please prepare either a comedic or dramatic monologue from a PLAY or MUSICAL. (Not from a film or online monologue generator that has no context) The selection should be no longer than one minute. Look for something that has similar genre, similar time period, similar characters. A good resource to use is Katie has a list of appropriate plays and musicals to use:

Choose a monologue (1-2 minutes) from a play or musical that is similar in period/genre to Crazy For You. Comedic or Dramatic.

Similar musicals include:

  • Nice Work if You Can Get It
  • 42nd Street
  • The Producers
  • Bullets Over Broadway
  • Guys and Dolls
  • Brigadoon
  • Annie Get Your Gun
  • On the Town
  • Wonderful Town

Dance Call Requirements:

During Friday’s audition slot, you will be taught a combination by our choreographer. You will have the 90-minute slot to work on it. The next morning you will show up and do the entire combination together. Please wear comfortable clothes and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early. These dance auditions are for the Choreographer to gain knowledge of how well you move/dance. There will be many levels of dance incorporated to make you look great. Don’t get discouraged if you have little experience.

Callback Requirements

          After Saturday’s dance call, you will be notified if you will be called back. Callbacks will follow immediately after the dance call. *Please note, if you are not called back, that does not mean you have not been cast. There are a lot of roles for students and a lot of featured roles! Final cast list will be determined after the audition process has been completed. (Please don’t ask when it will go up!)

Callback Sides

            Callbacks will consist of solo songs and cold reads from the script. Solo songs will be posted on Spring Musical page.

Crazy for You® Casting Breakdown

Bobby Child (Male Lead)                               [Baritone]

An attractive young man in love with musical theatre. He is a charismatic leading man in the Astaire mode with a strong comic flair. Strong vocal and dance skills a must. Tap and partnering. Must be a quadruple threat. Singer, dance, actor and physical comedian. Range: A3 – F4

Bela Zangler (Male Lead)                               [Baritone]

An established Broadway producer. He is a cultured, European Impresario in the Ziegfeld mode. Solid comic skills. Physical comedian. Hungarian Accent. Range: C3-A4.

Irene Roth (Female Lead)                              [Mezzo Soprano Belt]

A society debutante and Bobby’s fiancée. Pampered, cultured play-girl. Should have a comic flair. Accomplished Singer-dancer. Range: Ab3 – Bb4

Mrs. Lottie Child (Female Cameo)                [Non-singing Role (possible double in ensemble)]

Bobby’s business-oriented and domineering parent. She is controlling. This is a non-solo role.

Perkins (Male Ensemble)                               [Baritone or Tenor]

Mother’s business assistant. (Doubles as Custus in cowboy chorus)


Polly (Female Lead)                                        [Mezzo Soprano Legit/Belt]

Charming, energetic leading lady. Spunky and full of life. An All-American Girl. Can hold her own as the only woman in a town full of men. Strong vocal and dance skills a must. A star performer. Range: Ab3-Eb5.

Lank Hawkins (Male Supporting)                 [Baritone]

Saloon Proprietor. Attractive, rough-hewn cowboy/saloon keeper. Tall and gruff. Strong comic skills a plus. Range: E3 – G3. Will sing with ensemble in certain scenes.

Everett Baker (Male Supporting)                  [Baritone]

Polly’s Father and owner of the Gaiety Theatre. Kindly, befuddled charmer and character man. Range: Db3-Db4. Will sing with chorus in certain numbers.

Eugene Fodor (Male Cameo)                         [Baritone]

An English tourist. Prototypical British. An intrepid adventurer of indeterminate age. Comic. English Accent. May double in opening chorus parts. Range: D3 – F4

Patricia Fodor (Female Cameo)                     [Soprano]

Eugene’s wife. An English tourist. Prototypical British. An intrepid adventurer of indeterminate age. Comic. English Accent. May double in opening chorus parts. Range: Eb4 – F5

Tess (Follies Girl Dance Director)                  [Mezzo or Soprano Legit/Belt]

Attractive career girl in the Eve Arden mode. Accomplished singer-dancer. She is Zangler’s favorite.

Patsy (Follies Girl Feature)                            [Soprano Legit/Belt]

A ditsy showgirl with a high speaking voice. A knockout physical comedienne. Strong dancer skills a must. Accomplished singer and dancer.

Follies Girls (Ensemble)                                 [Mezzo Soprano/Soprano]

Mitzi (A principal dancer and feature), Elaine, Louise, Susie, Margie, Sheila, Vera

This featured group of ladies must have strong dance skills and will be the featured members of the ensemble.

Cowboy Trio (Ensemble Feature)                 [Tenor, Baritone, Bass]

Moose (strong comedic actor), Mingo, Sam. A trio of cowboys that sing western barbershop in English and French.

Cowboys (Ensemble)                                     [Tenor/Baritone/Bass]

Harry (bartender), Billy, Wyatt, Junior, Pete, Custus, Jimmy. These are lazy cowboys who learn to sing and dance for the Zangler’s Follies show in Deadrock, Nevada.

Female/Male Ensemble                                 [SATB]

Will play showgirls, Lackeys, Passing Street Crowds, Stage Manager, Stagehands, Lackeys, Chauffeur, Bank Board Directors.