Volunteering through MVMA is a wonderful way for you to experience with your student the powerful benefits of a Fine Arts education. Whether it is witnessing the dedication, team effort, and camaraderie that occurs between the students, faculty, staff, and volunteer family members to pull off a Broadway level theater production; or helping to set up and serve refreshments for Fine Arts nights where the students’ and teachers’ artistic achievements can be displayed, admired, and rewarded; to promoting upcoming band concerts and special events that entertain not only the parents but also our community from the young to the young at heart; as well as participating in the fun and rewarding fundraising activities … the impact is immeasurable and the memories last a lifetime. MVMA’s success is a direct reflection of the involvement of our parents, and each year we are in need of a number of volunteers. Volunteering can be as simple as taking home a choir uniform that needs repair to a Backstage parent who helps with the behind the scene drama!  Below are some of the areas we need volunteers for this school year.  
  • Back Stage Support
  • Special Events
  • Ticket Sales
  • Costume and uniforms (design, fitting, or repair)
  • Budweiser Concessions Sales
  • Art Shows
  • Parents ON CALL (upcoming Musicals)
  • Chaperones
  • Fundraising
  • Equipment Moving/Handling
  • Fall & Spring Fundraisers
  • Marching Band during Football Season
All volunteers at Mountain View High School must be registered through the district to volunteer at our school. If you have not registered previously, you must register online at http://thompsonschools.org. Sign me up! If you would like to be in the volunteer database for notification or opportunities, please contact Deanna Miller at volunteer@mvmusicandarts.org.  Let us know any special interests you might have, or special talents (sewing, carpentry,etc.), and also your students’ program (LISA, Band, etc.).  This will help us so we can find the opportunities that are right for you. Thank you so much for any help – big or small – it all makes a difference!