MVMA Boosters

Welcome to Mountain View Music and Arts Mountain View Music and Arts (MVMA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is an invaluable source of support and assistance for reaching the goals and objectives of the music and arts programs and the Loveland Integrated School of the Arts (LISA) at MVHS.
Please feel free to contact any of the MVMA members listed below. For general questions contact
MVMA Board Members:
President Aviva Pflock
Vice President Barbara Somerville
Secretary Lavon Peters
Treasurer Kandyce Kutcipal
Student Accounts/Charms Jen VanLaningham
Volunteer Coordinator Deanna Miller
Fundraising OPEN (email currently redirects to the VP)
Publicity Robin Baker
To contact all MVMA Board members:
MVMA Members at Large:
Band Representative Sheila Mueller
Choir Representative Jeanie Phillips
Orchestra Representative Amy Ave
Theater Representative(s) OPEN (Please email the President for info)
Visual Arts Representative OPEN (Please email the President for info)
LISA Representative OPEN (Please email the President for info)
Band Uniforms Sheila Mueller
Choir Uniforms Kelly Kenyon
Webmaster Shane Wood
     To contact all MVMA Members at large:
Other MVMA contacts:
Safeway Cards Lavon Peters
King Soopers Cards Lavon Peters
Kohls Cards  n/a (now sold through Great Lakes Scrip program)
General information and all other questions
MVMA Letterhead (MS Word format)