One of the key benefits MVMA offers is an individual account for each student.  Any student in a music, arts or L.I.S.A. program at MVHS can open an account.  Students can use their accounts to pay for, or get reimbursed for any music or arts related expense.  Expenses for fees, supplies, lessons, rentals, repairs, equipment and related trips and tickets are all eligible for payment or reimbursement through your student account.See Student Account Policy here.

Student accounts are funded by students and their friends and families through opportunities provided by MVMA.  Periodic fundraising events can be used to fund student accounts, but by far the easiest and most reliable way to accumulate a balance in your student account is to take advantage of the regular donations made to MVMA by Kohl's and King Soopers when you use their gift cards purchased through MVMA.

The gift cards cost no more than their face value, but 2.5% of all purchases made with these gift cards goes directly to your student account.  If your family spends $1000 a month on groceries and gas for example, that could be $25 each month put directly into your student account.

Go to the MVMA Fundraising page for more information on the Kohl's and King Soopers gift cards. 

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The student accounts are maintained online with a service called the Charms Office Assistant.  Your account balance can be checked at any time through their web site once you've set up an account.

To log in to your student account:

Go to
For the school code enter:  MVMA
For the password enter your student ID number
MVMA will set up many student accounts ahead of time but our lists are often incomplete so if you can't log in with your student ID number please contact

Once you are logged in to your student account please take a moment to update your contact information.  We use the Charms system to keep in touch with students and their families and it is important that we have accurate email addresses.  Without these we may have no way of contacting you. 


CHARMS Reimbursement Form

To make a reimbursement request from your student account please fill out a Reimbursement Request Form available here, or in the band room next to the MVMA box.  Once filled out please put the form along with expense receipts in an envelope (also next to the MVMA box in the band room) and drop it in the MVMA box.  The MVMA box is checked every week or two.

Once your request is received, if you have enough in your account to cover the expense, a check will be mailed to the address on the Request form.  You should receive a check 3-4 weeks after you put the Request form in the MVMA box.

CHARMS Reimbursement Form

For more information about your student account or the Charms system please contact the Charms/Student Accounts Coordinator at

For questions about reimbursements please contact the Charms/Student Accounts Coordinator at