About Us



1. To promote the MVHS band, choir, orchestra, theatre and arts programs at MVHS and in the Loveland community through activities not limited to:

a. Stimulating interest in the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs;

b. Providing moral and financial support to the MVHS music, theatre, and arts programs;

c. Assisting the MVHS music, theatre, and arts directors in achieving program goals;

2. To assist the MVHS performing arts directors (by request) with tasks such as, but not limited to:

a. Organizing and implementing new programs;

b. Purchasing needed services and/or equipment;

c. Coordinating activities and functions;

3. To communicate regularly with students and parents, as well as the community, about MVHS programs and booster club activities by:

a. Using all available technologies at MVHS, including the music, theatre, and art website(s), scroll board, morning announcements, e-mail, etc.

b. Listing all pertinent information with the local media

  We meet monthly the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the band room unless there is a performance  or student event conflict, and all of our meetings are open to the public.  Consult the Calendar for alternate meeting dates in the event of conflicts with student events.